Thursday, February 9, 2012

Well Hello There!!

     Let me begin by telling a little bit about myself, which will help in explaining the purpose for creating this blog. My name is Nichelle Whightsil and I am twenty years old. I am currently a full-time student at Washburn University where I am working towards 2 degrees; one in Mass Media with a creative advertising emphasis, and one in Art. I do not live at home with my parents anymore and have not for 3 years now (point being I cook, clean, and pay for everything myself!!), and lastly I am a server at the Olive Garden here in Topeka, KS.
     Now that you know the "life stuff", you are probably wondering why on earth I would create a blog with the name, The Veggie-saurus. I would be happy to let you know that I have chosen a lifestyle where I do not eat meat! I do however consume fish, but other than that, no other meat! One of my close friends gave me the nickname "veggie-saurus" and I thought it was cute and catchy, which led to the name of this blog. 
      When you are a college student living on your own with a serving (waitress) job, being a vegetarian can be difficult. Oh and before I go further, I also try to eat as organic as possible! The main reason for difficulty is probably quite obvious; the money tree is not in full bloom on a regular basis. Another big reason this is difficult, for myself personally anyways, is that I am on a journey to lose weight! (I have another blog, Thinspiration Journey , where I am tracking my weight-loss and trying to help others do the same. Feel free to check it out!) So when you work at a place such as the Olive Garden, finding healthy foods that do not contain meat ,but are still cost friendly at the same time, is a big pain.
      So finally, this brings us to the question, "what exactly is this blog for?". My goal with this blog, is to find and post about healthy vegetarian food, which is not just a plain old salad (although I do LOVE salad)! Not only will I plan on posting recipes and pictures, but also what you can get when you eat out, what grocery stores to go to where you can find organic foods without breaking the bank, and much more! Please keep in mind that I do not want anyone to feel pressured to become a vegetarian, if you are not one already. Any recipe can be altered by adding chicken or another type of meat, and if you do eat vegetables, knowing where to shop can be helpful as well!


  1. This sounds like it's going to be really interesting Nichelle. I honestly don't think I know anyone that is a vegetarian so this will be a whole new topic for me. My diet could use some help as well because I eat a lot of food that isn't really good for me. I can't wait to read more.

  2. Your Uncle and I have often talked of doing this.